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Curio Cases Store and Protect Merchandise, Trophies, and Collections!

June 24th, 2014

Halogen Lights inside Display Case These display cabinets are the industry standard when it comes to display-type furniture. Designed with lots of glass to provide unemcumbered viewing, there is no better fixture for presentation! What are display cabinets? They are heirloom-quality showcase fixtures designed for the presentation of awards, antiques, or merchandise. Curio cabinets protect objects from dust, fingerprints, and handling. They are suitable for both retail and residential use. These display cabinets, also called curio cabinets, are manufactured with only the best materials and finishes. If the display cases are intended to highlight expensive merchandise or valuable artifacts, then they should look and act the part.

DisplayCabinets2Go supplies display cabinets for sale on our huge online catalog in all sorts of sizes and styles for any number of applications. The main feature separating most display cases is whether or not you want interior lighting. Beyond that decision, the rest of their features fall into personal preference. Do you intend to place display cases in the middle of the sales floor? Then models with glass on all four sides would be applicable. Curio cabinets with solid or mirror back panels are better suited against walls. Curio cabinets come in contemporay and traditional styles. If you plan on purchasing a fixture to highlight familty heirlooms in your home then it would be advisable to go with a handsome solid wood showcase from Howard Miller instead of a minimal-designed retail model.

The FIFA Cup

With the 2014 World Cup well under way in Brazil, it's time we took a look at the trophy and its colorful past. There have been two different trophies since its inception back in 1930: the Jules Rimet trophy and the more recent FIFA World Cup Trophy. The Rimet trophy was made of gold plated sterling silver depicting the Greek goddess Nike. It was subsequently stolen in 1983 and believed to be melted down and sold. It's replacement, the FIFA trophy, was introduced in 1974 and depicts two figures holding up the Earth. It's made with 11 lbs. of 18 carat solid gold with two layers of malachite at the base. Unlike the Rimet, the FIFA cup cannot be won outright; winners receive a gold-plated replica instead. With that being said, the bragging rights for any country able to win and display this trophy are a huge deal!

There is a wide spectrum between the various sizes of display cases available. The company stocks tall and narrow cases in both traditional and retail models. These displays offer small footprints while providing ample storage with multiple shelves. Corner curio cabinets make efficent use of corner spaces and there are also wall-mounted models that take up no floor room at all. Wide display cases offer large amounts of storage space and come as big as entertainment centers. Most displays come with or without interior lights, either attached to the frames or re-positionable on sliding track systems. Showcase displays feature either adjustable shelving the entire length of the cabinet or at the upper section only with lockable cabinets beneath for storing items out of sight. Our selection is unparalled and we provide the quickest freight shipping times in the industry! Special models ship via freight in as little as 4 days compared to 4 weeks like some other suppliers.

What are the benefits to using glass showcases?
  • They protect and display valuable merchandise and fragile keepsakes at the same time.Wood Showcase with Glass Doors
  • Merchandisers can present their products in the best possible light safely.
  • Wide selection of floor-standing or wall-mounted models offers the most display options.
  • Designed for retailers and homeowners alike.
Which display cabinet is right for me?
  • Retailers and store owners frequently choose the full vision, glass on all four sides models for displaying their merchandise.
  • Corner units and fancy solid wood cabinets are designed more for the home.
  • For the displaying of trophies and awards, select a cabinet with interior lighting.
  • Small countertop cases are ideal for single objects. specializes in quality glass showcase furniture for sale to fit every application. The company is an authorized dealer for Howard Miller and features 4 day lead times on select models. Most curio cases come with or without lights, either recessed inside the top or sliding up and down on adjustable tracks. If you have questions about trophy display cases or retail counters, product features, shipping or receiving requirements (such as loading dock capabilities), feel free to call us at 800-572-2194. You can also use the online CHAT feature located on the home page and on every page on the website. Customer satisfaction is our goal! Purchasing glass display cases is a big investment; take the time to familiarize yourself with these showcase products and if you have questions, we can help. Shop with us today!