These display cabinets are the perfect glass trophy cases for all-around visibility of demonstration. What distinguishes them from our other full-visibility curio cabinets? They have all the standard features of the other models in this line, but within an oval-shaped case. These display cabinets, display cases come in a variety of frames. Our glass towers from this line are built to showcase a trophy or other collection. You can display jewelry, artifacts, statues, memorabilia, photographs, or anything else imaginable. These display cabinets are 38 inches wide, 76 inches tall, and 22 inches in diameter. No matter how big your trophy collection is, our curio cabinets will secure it with comfort.

DisplayCabinets2go.com sells curio cabinets with cherry wood finishes, maple wood finishes, polished black metal, or polished silver metal bases and canopies. All display cases in this line have elegant, curved, tempered glass construction. These curio cabinets, such as the cherry wood models, option six recessed halogen lights at the top. They have wheels and a locking full height glass door. Our display cases include optional side track lighting. This line of trophy cases gives a myriad of choices to help you make the best showcase possible.

    What's special about an oval design?

  • The curved surface creates a warm, natural effect
  • When placed against a wall, they optimize side visibility
  • Curved glass adds interest to visitor areas
    How do I choose an oval showcase?

  • Pick silver or black for a more contemporary effect, or maple or cherry for a more conventional effect
  • Click an image above to see each finish in more detail
  • Choose the side lighting option for more detailed exhibits or darker wall or floor spaces
  • Contact our consumer service staff and give them details about your showcase venue

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