Large Display Cases

Extra wide display cabinets specializes in display cabinets for wall exhibitions. Our diverse assortment of metal and wooden trophy cases looks great in any environment. These display cabinets, also called curio cabinets, are perfect for showcasing collectibles. Where are these wall trophy display cabinets used? Schools use glass display cases for holding awards, advertisements, and photographs. These display cabinets are a great way to increase school spirit. Stores implement curio cabinets to advertise objects that are on sale. These display cabinets can hold jewelry, antique, memorabilia, china, figurine, trophy, or any other collections imaginable. Utilize the ample glass shelf space to create the ultimate collectible showcase. Our curio cabinets are guaranteed to be a simple way to garner attention from the public.

Curio cabinets from this line come in a wide array of styles. There are hinged glass door and sliding glass door models. Display cases range in size from 48 inches wide to 75 inches wide. There are curved front models and ones with wood mouldings. Each curio cabinet comes with tempered glass and locking doors to keep your collectibles safe. These display cases are accessible with lighting systems for highlighting exact objects. You can pick curio cabinets with metal polishes or wooden finishes. Some display cabinets come with textile backgrounds, while others have wood. gives you these options so you can have the curio cabinet optimal for your exhibition. There are even display cases designed by legendary furniture makers, like Morrison & Hewitt and Howard Miller.

    Will these display cabinets work for you?

  • There are multiple different finishes to match your decor
  • Trophy showcase widths range from 48 inches to 75 inches to hold any sized collection
  • Wall showcase exteriors are accessible in metal and wood
  • Pick a wood, textile, or glass mirror background
    What unique characteristics do these display cabinets have?

  • All glass display cases are crafted to stand against the wall in any environment
  • Rectangular, curved, and other showcase styles are accessible
  • Morrison & Hewitt and Howard Miller designed some of these wall curio cabinets
Optimal for whatever your display needs are, display cases, trophy cases, curio cabinets, and showcase accessories are accessible now. These cases get the attention of any audience. Browse wall curio cabinets from our glass California showcase line, our narrow width line, and our large width line. Guaranteed to be of the supreme quality, these trophy curio cabinets are secure and stylish. sells hundreds of high end and economy priced wall display cases from our vast online catalogue. You can speak directly to a consumer service representative about any trophy showcase in stock at 1-800-572-2194. Live chat support is also accessible Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. Order curio cabinets from us today!