Curio Cabinets

Heirloom quality cases for the home. sells curio cabinets with conventional wood styles on its website. Our wooden trophy showcase models come in a wide range of styles and functions. These display cabinets, also called glass curio cabinets, are the best way to call attention to your showcase collectibles while maintaining a noble display. Preassembled for your convenience, you can immediately arrange your jewelry, china, trophy, antique, or wine collection in these display cases. Where can you put these glass display cabinets? These trophy display cases are classic display cases for your home, company, school, museum, club, or hotel. Put one of these on your wall, on your counter, against a wall, or in a corner and you instantly have an exhibit that grabs public notice. These trophy curio cabinets are made to last. Our manufacturers pride themselves on high quality and elegant units.

    What is special about these trophy display cabinets?
  • Wooden curio cabinets come in many different finishes
  • Many display cases option intricately designed columns and frames
  • They come in wall mounting and floor standing showcase models
  • Designers Howard Miller and Morrison & Hewitt formulated some of these display cases
    Why should you buy these glass display cabinets?
  • Longstanding exteriors for long lasting use
  • Many models have locking doors to safeguard your objects
  • Glass trophy cases come in many different sizes to fit your distinct showcase guidelines
  • Some have racks for your wine collection
These glass display cases come in many different of solid wood and wood finishes. You can buy curio cabinets in a variety of cherry wood, oak wood, maple wood, rosewood, or black styles. Our conventional wood showcase line includes models with narrow, mid-range, and wide frames. They range in height, number or shelves, and halogen lights as well. Wine curio cabinets are accessible to buy from our catalogue. There is even a line of wall display cases designed by the famed Howard Miller. Even though these showcase curio cabinets are durable and solid, they ship easily from our online warehouse.