Wall Mounted

Display Cases that Mount to the Wall DisplayCabinets2Go.com specializes in display cabinets for any wall. Where are these display cabinets used? Our diverse assortment of glass wall curio cabinets has the optimal cabinet for your school, company, hotel, or home. These display cabinets, also called curio cabinets, are great at displaying any collection. Schools use wall mounting showcases to promote scholastic or athletic achievement among the student body. These display cases show personal collections as well. Present your fine china, memorabilia, or porcelain with pride in your curio cabinet. All our wall mounting display cabinets have longstanding exteriors for long lasting use. The shelving is also made with the utmost care. Use these curio cabinets to present any collection you can imagine. These curio cabinets have a sturdiness and elegance unparalleled by any wall showcase.

These wall mounting trophy display cases suit any environment. They keep trophy collectibles secure behind tempered glass and locking glass doors. Wall mounting glass display cases are accessible in either metal or wood frames. Wood frames include cherry wood finishes, oak wood finishes, maple finishes, and rosewood finishes. Metal models have black or silver polishes. Our Howard Miller collection has trophy display cases intricately designed wooden frames, presenting dentil molding, arched pediments, or reeded columns. These display cabinets come in a variety of sizes and shapes that can fit any wall space. Our catalogue includes angled, curved, and rectangular showcase designs. Browse glass curio cabinets with different amounts of adjustable shelves and lighting schemes. There are definitely wall curio cabinets for your exact needs.

    What styles of display cabinets are accessible?

  • There are box cases for a conventional look on your wall
  • Angled design trophy cabinets attract people to your display
  • Curved glass fronts give any showcase a sleek, modern feel
  • Howard Miller designed some of these wall trophy cabinets
    What is the best way to use these glass display cabinets?

  • Easy wall mounting technology help free up floor space
  • Halogen lights spotlight showcase units
  • Homes, schools, museums, and businesses proudly hang cabinets on a lobby, foyer, or kitchen wall
Optimal for any wall, glass curio cabinets, trophy cases, display cases, and showcase accessories attract attention to showcase collectibles and other memorabilia. These trophy displays mount readily to the wall in your school, company, or home. You are welcome to pick elegant glass display cases or a conventional looking trophy curio cabinets. All models are made with the supreme quality substrates and precision. DisplayCabinets2Go.com sells 100s of high end and economy priced curio cabinets from a vast online catalogue. You can speak directly to a consumer service representative about any cabinet in stock at 1-800-572-2194. Live chat is also accessible Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. Order wall mounting display cases, curio cabinets, or showcase accessories online today!