Countertop Showcases

Small trophy cases are showcases for collectible items

How can small trophy cases help present your valuable merchandise or items? These curio cabinets are showcases for school awards, figurines and other single collectable items. Individual small trophy cases draw attention to unique selections. Custom glass showcases can also be used in multiples to create a museum-looking display. Using small trophy cases, also known as acrylic enclosures, can be used throughout a room to make a cohesive design statement. These curio cabinets are available in many sizes. Tabletop housings, small trophy cases that lock are featured here in this listing. Award showcases, like these offered in this category are often used by schools to host accolades. The majority of these enclosures, small trophy cases for personal collections can also be used in a retail setting. Schools and shops often highlight awards of all sizes with these curio cabinets.

What differentiates between the numerous types of small trophy cases available?
  • Size/Shape - These individual displays come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any collectible or treasured item. Square enclosures can hold anything from a single diecast car from your Nascar® collection to a signed basketball for resale in a specialty store. These glass alternatives to curio cabinets are also often used in stores and museums to exhibit a small cluster of WWI medals in a history exhibit or an expensive piece of jewelry for sale. Rectangular showcases can be used (depending on the model) either horizontally or vertically for long (i.e., model trains or trucks) or tall items (such as multi-tier school awards).

  • Orientation - Curio cabinets without bases may be turned in any orientation and still offer perfect visibility of the items inside. A retail location selling comic book collectibles may choose to show a single action figure upright in one rectangular box, and a tableau of figurines together in a similar sized housings turned horizontally. Jewelry stores may use vertical orientations for valuable necklaces, and horizontal orientations for rings or matched sets.

  • Security - Many models offer both locking and non-locking options, depending on the screws or mechanisms used. Locking displays offer security from tampering or theft, while non-locking showcases offer easy accessibility while still protecting collectibles from dust and damage. Some non-locking individual curio cabinets will still have security features, such as the use of "security screws" or special tools for assembly/disassembly, that further protect merchandise or items within the boxes.
  • glass showcases protect school awards of different sizes

  • Style/Color - Framing and base styles differ from model to model. Silver or black framing, or edging, are the most common colors used. Many models of individual collectible containers will not have a special base within the enclosure, allowing the offering to be used in different orientations with equal ease. Others among these small curio cabinets will have a base - generally either matching the framing or coordinating with it - that will further accentuate the items within.

Individual enclosures are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to contain many different collectibles. Action figure memorabilia boxes are ideal for use either singly or in groups. These versatile protective storage containers for awards or model car collections can turn any shelving unit, countertop, or any place at all into a custom exhibit! Businesses, retail stores, museums, galleries, even libraries, hotels, and especially individual collectors will appreciate the convenience as well as the great looks of these enclosures that can hold model car and mini helmet collections.

The individual action figure curio cabinets listed here are also all made of acrylic. Clear acrylic panels offer the same look as glass, at a much lower price point. Acrylic construction gives these collectible demonstration boxes a "museum quality" look and offers protection and security for valuables and collectibles without the high pricetag associated with solid glass construction.

What are some of the many uses of these individual showcases?
  • Retail Locations: Individual lockers are a great choice for high-ticket electronics or other expensive items, because they offer 360° visibility of the objects while limiting physical access to the objects themselves.
  • Specialty Retail: Specialty retail stores, such as those selling model train, Nascar® or similar collectibles can use these lidded boxes to both highlight and protect their merchandise. Retail institutions can keep expensive offerings safe yet easily visible. Jewelry, model car collections, mini helmets, even antique watches or dolls can all be both stored and shown off in these secure locking store fixtures. Signed sporting goods such as footballs or baseballs can be displayed without fear of damage in larger models.
  • Galleries/Museums: Art and retail gallery locations appreciate showcasing individual items for show or sale or both. Hand-blown glass pieces can be safely located in the middle of a high-traffic area without worry about damage or theft when a secure individual collectible cover is used. Museum goers can get a full view of objects from ancient jewelry to egg-filled birds' nests in these clear glass-look solutions.
  • Educational Associations: Many schools savor creating panoramas of awards and trophies won by students and teams through the years. Collectible demonstration covers that lock are a perfect choice for custom memorabilia collections such as these.
  • Collectors: No matter if you have a collection of thousands of diecast car and train models, a roomful of mini helmets, several lines of modern collectible action figures, or a single Nascar® memento, an individual curio cabinet is a perfect way to both protect and share your treasures.
mini helmet demonstration boxes contain sports memorabilia from school offers a wide selection of collectible showcases that lock in varying sizes, shapes, and configurations. Our massive online catalog and large live inventory in our quick ship warehouse allow us to offer wholesaler pricing and fast shipment on every order. From protective enclosures for single diecast cars to museum-quality wood-frame cases, we offer cabinets and show-boxes for every type and size of collectible. Finishes and materials are as varied as the sizes available, and include glass, acrylic, wood, aluminum, and many more. Engineered in locking mechanisms are some of the many options offered for increased safety (and security) of valuables in these curio cabinets in numerous configurations. Cube style boxes are measured h x 2 x d (for example, 12 x 12 x 12, 18 x 20 x 24, 12 x 18 x 20) for correct sizing.