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is a Division of George Patton Associates, Inc.

George Patton Associates, Inc. is a 36 year old "national direct marketing" company AND "manufacturer of marketing displays". Our direct marketing divisions include the ownership of many "business to business ecommerce websites associated with marketing products, POP Displays, Store Fixtures, Hotel & Restaurant Products, Institutional and Facility products, Trade Show Exhibit Displays and much more. The company operates more than 40 websites which can be seen at the portal www.displayshops.com. Today GPA services over 150,000 active, unique customers each year, and its websites host over 20,000 unique visitors each day. In addition to E-commerce Marketing via the internet, GPA also functions as a more traditional "business to business" direct marketer, mailing over 2,000,000 printed company catalogs each year across a diverse universe of business customers.

The real value is when GPA leverages its "direct marketing" capabilities with its "real manufacturing abilities". We are a "real display manufacturer" with "real people", in business since 1974. We currently occupy more than 210,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space in 3 buildings, including our Company Headquarters pictured at right. Our direct marketing benefits our customers who enjoy highly competitive pricing by being able to purchase directly from the manufacturer. For products not manufactured by GPA (but sold by GPA through its websites and catalogs) our customers further benefit from our ability to leverage extensive manufacturing and quality control knowhow, and hold 3rd party vendors accountable for quality workmanship and exacting specifications.

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Company Headquarters in Bristol, RI

The Company was incorporated in 1974 by George Patton, who spent off-hours pursuing the freelance design of display products for several local Rhode Island companies. The majority of time and effort went into no-cost prototypes "for show" with the hope that the "big" order would come. Although successful many times, this roller-coaster of sales hopes prompted the introduction of a line of proprietary, pre-made products.

With the help of his two sons, Tom and Chris Patton, George realized that a steady, more predictable streamline of business could be achieved. The new emphasis became stock products, always available from inventory.


Why Should You Choose Us?


Largest Display Warehouse with LIVE INVENTORY:

We are the leading "in stock" display manufacturer with the largest display warehouse in the country. With thousands of unique product SKUs and a physical inventory of more than 1,000,000 units on any given day, we know of no other competitor remotely close to this status. George Patton Associates has four physical warehouses (Bristol, RI and Warren, RI) and has just greatly expanded its main warehouse location. Many POP and trade show display manufacturers won't put "live inventory, actual quantities in stock" on their web pages. This separates us from virtual brokers. In order to publicize live inventories, you need to offer same day shipping for the customer!

Call Center

Customer Service:

When you call us you get "live" customer service, not a voice mail system. Not only is it "live" customer service, but product knowledgeable. We have an on site call center with over 25 customer care specialists. Our professional team is available Monday-Thursday 8:30 am- 6:30 pm EST, and Fridays 8:30 am- 5:30 pm EST. These on site call center reps are trained to provide the most knowledgeable service, so that any questions you have about products, shipping quotes, and delivery services can be answered in a timely fashion. We also offer real "live" chat on our website pages, with immediate response.

Custom Jobs

Concept to Completion - Fast Custom Jobs:

We are a leading "custom" point of purchase and trade show display fabricator and manufacturer. Our production floor has custom jobs running every day; each one evolved and developed from our customer's own creativity and product guidelines. Both our model making department and our "small runs" department develop unique custom samples and prototypes in hours, not days. During the process these custom samples are integrated into final end-use point of sale marketing displays on our own shop and production floors.

Shipping Dept

A Real Shipping Department:

Located right inside our warehouse, our on site shipping department ensures that you receive your orders quickly. If your in-stock order is placed by 1:00 p.m. EST it gets shipped the same day! We have pickers and packers working to get your shipments out all day long. There are over ten truck trailers daily (FedEx, UPS, as well as common carriers) exiting our loading docks with full shipments. With a real shipping department, we control the boxing configurations, optimizing your freight cost burden. We also calculate comparative costs to save you money and opt to use drop shipping to your 362 retail, dealer, or branch locations to avoid fulfillment house charges and double shipping costs.


Real Production and Assembly Departments:

We are a credible display company with real workers. We produce hundreds of displays daily to ensure that our warehouse stays stocked for the fastest possible service. We have a team of manufacturers expertly trained in acrylic cutting and bending, woodworking, silk-screening, varnishing, model making, and various other fields. We are a company with integrity and strong work ethic. Our owners are hands-on workers who know the industry and grew up working the floor and shipping departments.

Unlimited Customer Accolades:

Success for over 30 years does not come from taking short cuts! Our long-term success has been in part due to our ability to work for the customer and put him or her first. We have an impeccable heritage of delivering exactly what the customer expected, and when he or she expected that delivery. Our customer list and references include such big names as McDonalds, Bank of America, Subaru, Kohler and Discover Card.

Production Floor