These Display Cabinets Feature Retail Counter Designs

jewelry display case
42" h
Grace Tyler Line
LED Lighting
showcase counter
EuroVū Simplice
Ships Unassembled
locking glass counter
EuroVū Simplice
Ships Unassembled
Retail service counters
EuroVū Simplice
Ships Unassembled
commercial display case
EuroVū Simplice Series
Wenge Veneer
No Lighting Included
Ships Unassembled
Some retailers want to offer you display cabinets or a showcase that looks pretty but is suffering in quality. Other places will sell glass wall displays that aren't enticing, but are high quality and have an exceedingly high price tag to match. At our company, however, we are committed to offering you the highest quality products with an enticing design as well, all at an affordable wholesale price. What makes us different than your average online retailer? First, we are a actual company with actual people, not just a middleman that brokers deals. Secondly, we travel all over the world searching for the best products to sell to you, kept in stock in our live inventory. These display cabinets, like the display cases shown above, come from EuroVu, based out of Italy. There are three lines in the EuroVu collection that are accessible: Originale, Moderno, and Simplice. The display cabinets are from the Simplice line. The showcase offers a sleek and stylish look for your business while still retaining a reasonable price that won't empty your wallet. These curio cabinets, display cabinets also benefit the high standard of craftsmanship that we strive to bring our customers. These exhibits, trophy cases have many great features that make them an ideal purchase. These display cabinets benefit fixed-height adjustable shelf pins for customization.

What sorts of venues utilize a showcase like the EuroVu display cabinets?
What elements do the EuroVu products benefit? These display cabinets are lockable with high quality hinge hardware.
These display cases benefit four different finishes for the base wall: silver, cherry, wenge, and black. The variety of finishes means that there is a glass showcase that will match with many different types of existing furniture, and can adapt to a wide variety of stores. These display cases could also be ordered in bulk and used together to provide a store with a whole bank of shelving that could also be used as a cash wrap and way to designate a precise employees' only area. And an added option is that the more you order, the cheaper price you get due to the way our items are priced. You can also take a look at our other categories on the website, and design a custom display for your store. These display cases can be ordered for home and personal use as well. If you have valuable family heirlooms that you would like to display and protect, pick the base color that matches best with your interior decorating and add this enticing case to your home! These curio cabinets shine especially bright when utilized in commercial and retail settings.

Another quality that makes this showcase great for customizing a store's display pattern is that it is mobile! Each case comes with four wheels concealed in the base for easy transportation. Thanks to these wheels you can easily move the cabinet out of the way or up against the wall in case of vacuuming or other cleaning in your store. If the layout of your store is changing, then these trophy cases will easily go where you need them to. The wheeled base also makes these display cases great to set up in the middle of a floor to provide a display that customers will be capable to walk around and view on all sides. The glass top of the cabinet provides an additional surface for you to use, whether it's to display products that don't need to be locked up, or as another place to conduct business contracts. However you choose to use it, the possibilities for these curio cabinets are phenomenal!These display cabinets are easily mobile with strong casters located beneath the base.

Having tempered glass is also a option, both to owners and customers. The translucent green edges provide your trophy case with a distinctive look that adds an extra little something to your display. These panels are also stronger than regular glass thanks to being treated before the shelves are crafted, so it will not break as easily as a regular pane would. If, by chance, the panel were to break, it would crumble into tiny bits instead of leaving jagged shards behind. The tiny bits are easier to clean up, and pose less of a chance of injury to the proprietor of the store and any customers who could be around the curio cabinets at the time.

These aren't the only varieties of full vision curio cabinets, traditional wood cabinets, and other display cases we presently have stocked in our large warehouse. If you take a look around our website you'll see that on one page we have museum pedestals that are built for professional uses. Pick another page and you'll see our countertop acrylic displays that are great for showing jewelry of varying types and sizes to customers. We have narrow full vision styles and wide full vision styles of display cabinet, depending on which works best with the decor you're trying to match. 3-Sided styles for walls are also popular. We have large wooden cases that are perfect for home use to display your collections, and we also sell the substrates for a business owner to make a complete configuration for the store, from cash wraps to mounted exhibits on walls that are built to complement each other. There are other models of the EuroVū Simplice cabinet that nicely accent the ones seen here. Many of our cases, not just the EuroVu display, benefit very simple production and ships unassembled to save you on shipping costs! These curio cabinets display anything you can dream of. has it all. So come, browse our website and see what strikes your fancy! If you have any comments or inquiries you can reach us through the Live Chat link above, send us an e-mail at (our parent company along with George Patton Associates, Inc.), or call our consumer service experts at 1-800-572-2194. Why are you waiting? Order your EuroVū display today!