Display Cabinets Are Wall Displays with Angled Designs

Wall Cabinet
47"w x 39"h x 8"d
Wall Cabinets
47"w x 39"h x 12"d
Jewelry Showcases
60"w x 39"h x 12"d
Wall Case
60"w x 39"h x 12"d

These display cabinets are a wonderful way to display collectibles and presentations in your company, school, home, or other forum. What is special about these curio cabinets? Angled front wall showcase cabinets have a distinctive shape that attracts attention. These display cabinets, also known as trophy curio cabinets, are an readily obtainable way to showcase objects. Businesses use the glass shelves of the wall display cabinets as an advertisement of excellence in consumer service. Stores need wall curio cabinets for floor space and showcasing objects for sale. Museums apply glass curio cabinets to their walls for exhibitions. You can place a trophy collection on the glass shelves. Each glass shelf adjusts to accommodate large or small products. These display cabinets have hundreds of applications.

Our line of angled front wall cabinets showcase a wide variety of sizes and styles. These display cabinets have your choice of black polished or silver polished metal frames. Each model opens readily for fast exhibition changes or just closer examination of your collectibles. DisplayCabinets2Go.com carries display cabinets with lighting systems to further accentuate their contents. Securely fastening to any wall, each glass showcase has tempered glass to enhance stability. These display cabinets are angled front wall displays that are built to last.

The angled design wall mounting line is just one of many lines accessible for you to browse. Our catalogue offers other wall mounting trophy cases as well as free standing glass showcase models. All curio cabinets and trophy showcase models are of the supreme quality. Businesses from across the country come to DisplayCabinets2Go.com for their display needs. Each angle designed display ships on the same day if purchased before 1:00 p.m. EST. Consumer service experts are accessible by phone at 1-800-572-2194 or online live chat Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. Experts are well versed in all trophy curio cabinets and glass display cases. Buy these angled designed showcase objects today!