These Display Cabinets Offer Small Footprints for Countertops

glass display case
EuroVū Simplice
Black Veneer
Ships Unassembled
tabletop display case
EuroVū Simplice
Wenge Veneer
Ships Unassembled
Acrylic Display Case
Acrylic Display Case - Hinged Doors, 16.5"h, 1 Shelf
Acrylic Display Case
Hinged Doors, 16.5"h
2 Shelves
acrylic display case
Hinged Doors 16.5"h
3 Shelves
jewelry display case
22"h w/Double Door
Rotating Base
countertop display cases
Octagonal - 20.5"h
2 Shelves
Small Glass Display Case
Locking Hinged Door
14-1/2" x 14-1/2" x 34-1/4"
Small Glass Display Cabinet
Locking Hinged Door
14-1/2" x 14-1/2" x 34-1/4"

Are you looking for display cabinets that are going to intrigue and attract customers while still providing your business with a chic and elegant case? Then this showcase is the perfect choice for you! Curio cabinets are a great way to highlight some more of the more expensive items in a shop, thanks to the many wonderful qualities these cases have. We have a wide selection of small acrylic display cases accessible, as well as some larger display cabinets constructed by EuroVu, an Italian based company. They have three product lines in total: Originale, Moderno, and Simplice. These countertop exhibits, display cabinets are a part of the Simplice line, and live up to the quality standards our company prides itself on. The cases benefit an enticing yet simple look, a look that won't detract from the item contained within, or clash with existing displays and architecture. The display cabinets benefit three different finishes. The different varnishes give you plenty of options with these cases, from setting up a new interior design plan to incorporate the colored finishes or buying a case that will work perfectly with the existing furniture in your store. These trophy cases, and other display cabinets, are exceedingly versatile! The sleek styling of these curio cabinets, both glass and acrylic models, lets them become a part of displays and enhance them rather than sticking out awkwardly.

These display cabinets are easily mobile with strong casters located beneath the base. Where is this countertop showcase often featured? The EuroVu Simplice line has a number of features that make these curio cabinets a fantastic purchase for both stores and private companies who need a product that will protect an item as well as show it off. These display cases, countertop displays are a great way to show off some of the truly special and original units accessible in your store. These will also give the items a platform that can be viewed by customers from all sides while on exhibit. This showcase, like other tabletop cases, can also spotlight a certain product that may not have been selling quick enough because it was placed in a more out of the way location. The more exposure a product gets, the better it will sell for you! The EuroVu models are larger and can support items of a greater size than the acrylic models, which is something that should be considered when you are trying to decide which to purchase. The acrylic models are more affordable, however, while still providing a sleek and modern look to your sales displays.

These display cabinets are easily mobile with strong casters located beneath the base. What are some of the primary features of the Simplice display cases?

These curio cabinets have a few security features engineered into them to protect yourself, your visitors, and your products. Every EuroVu showcase has a hinged door for easy replacement of units; you won't have to remove the top of the case in order to swap out products. By sealing your trophies and other art pieces inside, you can protect them from dust, grubby fingerprints, and other things that have a tendency to accumulate on countertops. These doors on both the EuroVu and acrylic display cases also have a longstanding lock with included key to secure your items inside.

The tempered glass that the walls of this showcase are made up of is another great safety benefit that EuroVu gives their cabinets that should be considered when trying to decide between this and an acrylic display. Tempered glass are panels that have been altered by either heat or chemical treatments to create a much stronger product that will stand up to years of use. If broken, tempered panels will also crumble into small chunks instead of the jagged edged shards that could cause you injuries while cleaning up the broken pieces, or customers if they are in the vicinity when the display cases are broken.

These display cabinets are easily mobile with strong casters located beneath the base. As a money-saving benefit, the showcase ships unassembled in two boxes, with the glass parts taking up their own container to assure safe shipping. It is this unassembled shipping that allows us to keep the price down for you! If we were to ship the glass product fully assembled, it would cost far more in shipping than it presently is. The acrylic cases, being of a smaller size, are shipped already assembled, and are capable to be shipped overnight, which is another option. The acrylic displays are also far lighter than the glass showcase and can be moved around easily and without much fuss.

The glass display showcase is a great choice for larger displays. Since the EuroVū Simplice line ships unassembled it therefore has production required before you are capable to start using your curio cabinets. However the process of putting together the display cases is very easy. The halogen lights are already sealed into the top of the showcase, so you won't have to worry about any electrical wiring while setting up. From starting the production to putting the final touch on by plugging in the assembled case and flipping the lights on, the entire process should take about twenty minutes, and can be completed by one person. Directions for production are included in the package, and on their product pages a how-to video is included for a more detailed view of the production process. has a number of different styles of display showcases and curio cabinets accessible in their large online catalog. We have wall mounted cases that can support a single porcelain doll or a number of items in one large case. For example, we benefit narrow full vision styles and wide full vision styles to support all your collectibles. The cabinets are in a number of finishes, traditional wood, laminate, glass, aluminum, and others. Some come with engineered in lights, others do not, giving you a choice of illumination styles for your exhibit. Others, like many curio cabinets, come with one (1) shelf or more engineered into there, and many more benefit hinged doors for easy access to your items. Size, colors, display styles, construction material, we have something for every person and every place trophy cases, a showcase, or a display cabinet is needed. To browse our large online selection or request a postal mail catalog, please visit You can also use our Live Chat benefit or call our consumer service experts at 1-800-572-2194 with any inquiries or requests you may have. Find your ideal showcase here today!