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Narrow Tower Cabinets
Are you looking for a compact display with decent storage but without the large footprint? Tower Cases fit this bill specifically. All the models in this category are less than 24" in width and are available in a number of styles. The Square cabinets come with all the features you would expect to see, including but not limited to locking base storage, rolling casters, halogen lighting, and more. The Rectangular models come in an abundance of wood finishes and frameless glass designs. Rounding out the series, our Round cabinets are just that. Round.

Mid-Size Widths
Moving onto our Mid-Size lines, these showcases fall into the 26" to 40" range and are separated into four categories. Just like the Tower series, there are Square Cases in this category but in a larger size with fancy wood mouldings. Our Rectangular Cabinets feature many frameless designs which fit in well with modern interiors. Oval models are the upscale choice for discriminating customers. These cabinets feature beautiful curved glass walls that are quite striking. Hexagonal styles provide yet another option for merchandise display, with six sides of glass between top and bottom bases in numerous wood and metallic finishes.

Extra Wide Cabinets
These showcases are the widest we offer. When the most amount of area is required, a Large Display Cabinet can provide greater than 30 square feet of storage space. Our standard Rectangular Models max out at 60" in width. Other styles include Cabinets with Raised Bases. With a higher base, objects and merchandise are presented at a higher level off the floor. Display Cases with Base Storage offer yet another option for buyers. Lockable storage located inside the base is very popular with retailers, who can store extra merchandise under lock and key. Lastly, we sell Half-Round Oval Cabinets that are designed to be situated against the wall. The solid back wall of the showcase does not allow for 360° viewing.

Retail Store Wraps and Counters
Cash Wraps are the standard displays seen in retail stores the world over. These showcases can be used as standalone fixtures or placed side by side for creating continuous runs of countertop space, display, and service. If you are interested in purchasing an entire setup for your establishment, may we recommend the Full Cash Wrap Configuration category. Here we have combined complete showcase solutions in a number of designs to best fit the floor layout of your business. The remaining category selections are distinguished by separate components and by size as well, giving the customer an opportunity to purchase one fixture or any combination thereof. Small fixtures typically run in 24" to 44" widths, and this category is also where you will find all the corner units for the various lines. The Medium fixtures are all 48" wide units. Since this is a standard size for the industry, they are all in one location. The Large models stretch to 72" long.

Traditional Curio Cabinets
These Heirloom Quality displays are chosen by families to be handed down from generation to generation. They hold anything, from chinaware and antiques to personal mementos and collectibles. Constructed from hardwoods with decorative mouldings, these fixtures are built like furniture which is why they are ideal for the living room.

Wall Mounted Models
Need to save your floor space for something else? Wall Display Cases can help. Models range from traditional wood styles to more modern cabinets constructed with aluminum extrusion. Most are accessed via sliding glass doors but some models feature swing open doors.

Pedestal Displays
If you've ever been to a museum then you would have seen a Pedestal Display Fixture out on the floor. These displays place the focus on a single object. And their lower height allows the visitor to walk around it with an unemcumbered view. Very popular with the museum people but a pedestal can also be placed in the home for highlighting a special piece, dramatically.

Small Cases and Covers
Last but not least we have the smaller Acrylic Dust Cover category. These displays are very popular and are normally small enough to place on a bookshelf or mantle. Have a signed football you need to keep dust and fingerprint-free? We've got you covered. Model Case? That too. Countertop Display Cases are smaller versions of our frameless glass cabinets, and the category also includes clear acrylic displays that feature multiple shelf options. Shadow Boxes are unique wall mounted frames that offer just the right amount of depth inside to display sports uniforms, prize ribbons, and much more. Memorial Flag Cases are just that; triangular displays for honoring the life of a veteran who has passed. Give your loved one and the American flag a place of honor in your household.

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